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Happier, Healthier

Healing can be a lengthy process. It takes time. But I assure you it is worth it.

In October, I had my breast implants removed. I am a healthy eater. I exercise and am overall a healthy person. I had done several things my doctor requested but still was showing some issues with my liver enzymes. My doctor strongly suggested to remove my implants. She thought this could be the cause.

Honestly, I had been thinking about removing them for several months.

It was a 5 hour surgery. Everything went well.

Several months later, I can say I feel amazing! Best decision ever. My liver enzymes went down considerably. Back to a normal range.

Removing the implants was part of my journey in healing. I love the way they look. So natural. Makes me wonder why I ever decided to get implants in the first place

16 years ago.

Part of healing is letting go of the past. And the implants were part of my past. Part of the days where I felt insecure. Where I felt ugly. Where I felt that people would only like me if I looked a certain way.

I feel I'm starting a new life. Where I'm happier. Confident. And healthy.

Looking forward to all the amazing things to come!

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