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Achieving a Healthy Body

Truly taking care of yourself simply means nourishing your body, mind and soul in ways that work for you. It means finding a balance within your everyday life that allows you to do the things you love and feel at peace. It means nourishing yourself within to be able to take on the world. 

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Nourishing Your Mind

Your mind is the window to your body and soul, so make sure it receives proper nourishment. It can enslave you or empower you. Your mindset can control how you feel, how you act and what you do. It controls how your body functions. Stress can have a negative affect on your mental health. How can you boost your mental wellness for a healthier YOU? Get at least 8 hours of sleep. You are more alert and less prone to stress. Eat healthy. Good nutrition is a natural defense against stress. Keep active. Exercising at lest 30 minutes a day helps keep you physically strong and reduces stress. Interact with others. Talking to people stimulates the brain. Pick up a new skill or hobby. Learning to play a musical instrument or learning to cook a new dish, keeps your brain active and healthy. Laugh! Laughter is the best medicine.  Humor helps activate the brain’s reward and pleasure center which generates emotions and relaxes the mind.

Image by Brenda Godinez

Nourishing Your Body

Your body is a temple. In order for your body to heal, you need to love and take better care of it.  The more you nourish your body with healthy foods, the better it functions. Moving your body is important as well as getting enough sleep and connecting with nature. As you take time out to disconnect in every day life stress, it enables your body to heal and THRIVE.

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Nourishing Your Soul

The spiritual element is the most personal piece of the puzzle when achieving wellness.  Nourishing your soul is just as important to the health and balance of your life. When you take the time to  nurture your spiritual well being, you create space for positive things to flow into your life.  How can you nourish your soul? Practice mindfulness.  By that it means focusing your attention on the present moment. It is best practiced through meditation and other activities like yoga or deep breathing. Eat healthy. There is a connection between your soul and your body. When we care for our bodies, we have more space in our lives for the health of our soul. Move your body. Do activities that you enjoy! Walking, biking or dancing are activities that nourish your soul.

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